5 things about AI you may have missed today: Samsung’s AI Fridge, Baidu’s Ernie Bot crosses 100 mn users, more


Even as we inch towards the new year, artificial intelligence developments are not slowing down. Today, December 28, a report revealed that Samsung can unveil a Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub+ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. The AI fridge will pack features like checking the items inside using a camera and suggesting recipes based on them. In other news, Baidu’s ChatGPT-rival Ernie Bot has surpassed the 100 million user mark. This and more in today’s AI roundup. Let us take a closer look.

Samsung to unveil AI fridge

Samsung is set to introduce the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub+ at CES, featuring an AI-powered system that generates recipes based on users’ dietary preferences, reported The Verge. The refrigerator includes the “Personalise” feature, driven by enhanced Food AI, enabling customization for various dietary requirements, including gluten-free, pescatarian, dairy-free, and more. The appliance will also incorporate AI Vision Inside, the Anyplace Induction Cooktop, and improvements to the Samsung Food service.

“We are both proud and excited to be showcasing these upgraded AI and connectivity features, which utilise the latest technology to help everyone take their food and kitchen experiences to the next level,” Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics said in a statement.

Baidu’s Ernie Bot crosses 100 million users

Baidu’s Ernie Bot has surpassed 100 million users, according to Wang Haifeng, the Chief Technology Officer of the Chinese internet company, reported Reuters. The announcement was made during a deep learning summit in Beijing. The milestone follows the public opening of Ernie Bot in August, preceded by a partial unveiling and a more than five-month trial period for select users. Analysts note that despite the underwhelming initial unveiling in March, Baidu gained a valuable first-mover advantage in a competitive market where numerous Chinese tech companies are developing their own chatbots powered by generative AI.

AI stethoscope can diagnose heart diseases

The Golborne practice, located near London’s Notting Hill, is among 200 GP surgeries in north-west London and Wales to receive an AI stethoscope, marking the UK’s first deployment of this technology in primary care, as per a report by the Financial Times. Nearly half of Golborne’s patients belong to non-white minority ethnic groups, facing a higher risk of death from heart disease. The licensed AI tool, approved for use by general physicians, is the first of its kind capable of prescribing life-saving medication without requiring a specialist review. AI diagnostics in primary care hold the potential to significantly aid the UK’s National Health Service amid increasing demand and challenges, particularly during the winter season.

Students in Ireland can be punished for using AI

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), Ireland’s watchdog for academic standards, is reportedly considering measures to address academic cheating involving AI, according to a report by the Irish Times. The organization plans to extend academic misconduct legislation to include the use of AI in exams or assessments. QQI is urging educational institutions to review their internal policies on academic integrity to address evolving risks. The potential consequences for students or researchers found engaging in serious academic misconduct include the withdrawal of awards or qualifications.

Pidge launches AI fleet management tool

Pidge, a logistics technology company, has launched Trace, a fleet management solution designed to provide comprehensive intelligence for businesses overseeing on-ground fleets of executives and vehicles, reports Indian Transport & Logistics News. Trace offers features such as fleet and vehicle tracking, effective routing, real-time alerts, customizability, and exception management, allowing for no-touch management for logistics teams. The device-agnostic Trace seamlessly integrates with various fleet tracking tools, including portable devices, mobile applications, and SIM-based tracking. It provides detailed real-time insights, live on-ground events, and immediate alerts to facilitate decentralized teams in promptly addressing exceptions.

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