CES 2024 to feature a plethora of AI-focused announcements; Know what is coming


In the year 2023, we witnessed the rise of generative artificial intelligence, as big players such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta, were among those who entered the AI arms race and launched their own chatbots and other tools. The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES 2024) is also expected to be filled with companies showcasing their AI innovation. We already know Samsung will be displaying its AI-powered refrigerator, and LG will be unveiling its smart home AI. Let us take a look at the AI announcements we can expect at the event, which is set to take off on January 9 in Las Vegas.

AI announcements at CES 2024

Samsung: In an announcement made on December 27, Samsung revealed that at CES 2024, it will be unveiling its Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub. Fitted with AI-powered cameras on the inside of the fridge, Samsung claims it can check the ingredients available to a user and recommend personalized recipes that can be made with it. It can identify up to 33 different fresh food items based on a predefined set of training data comprising approximately one million food photographs. Alongside, it can also monitor the status of the water filter in the refrigerator and alert when a replacement is needed.


1. Smart Home AI: A report by Interesting Engineering revealed that the consumer tech company will be showcasing its AI agent which is the key to LG’s Smart Home. It is a two-legged robot that acts as an interactive assistant is equipped with voice and visual interface and is capable of conversing with the user. It also seamlessly controls various smart home appliances and IoT devices. Additionally, it also monitors the environment including real-time temperature and air quality. The device is envisioned as a robot pet that can move around and control the smart home, as well as work as a security guard for the home.

2. LG AI TV: A Tom’s Guide report suggests that LG can unveil a 98-inch QNED TV with AI picture upgrades at CES 2024. The company will be using an A8 AI processor for the TV, the report claims. This will allow QNED TV to deep-learn faces, objects, and backgrounds within a scene to enrich the texture and finer details. LG says the TV will also be able to enhance visual experience with “precise HDR optimization to deliver three-dimensional picture quality.”


Nvidia, in a blog post, has revealed that it will also be bringing AI innovation to CES 2024. The most notable among these announcements will be a generative AI. Not much is known about it, but some reports have mentioned that it could be the company’s first AI chatbot. Alongside, the company will be hosting a number of sessions on AI gaming, robotics, and AI-powered enterprise tools.

Other possible announcements

We do not have the details for these, but various reports have highlighted that the CES 2024 will see AI tools and AI features in a wide range of consumer technologies. Some of these include AI-powered health monitoring wearables, AI-powered robots that can assist doctors in surgeries, self-driving cars, the next generation of generative AI chatbots, multiple sessions dedicated to discussions over ethical use of AI, data privacy, job displacement, and more.

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