Five Affordable Diwali Gifts Every Runner Will Love


If you’re reading this, you probably know someone who runs and you aren’t sure what to gift them this Diwali. There’s an unbelievable amount of running gear available in India right now, thanks to the massive running community in various parts of the country. Thousands of people run some of the country’s most popular half marathons (21-km run) and there’s a good chance that most people living in big cities know at least one runner.

Buying gifts for runners is not exactly easy, especially if you don’t run. Before you buy anything for a runner, ask them if they have the gift you have in mind. Quite a few runners (including ourselves) are known for going overboard and buying ridiculous accessories they don’t need, so it’s best to check if your gift is already in their gear bag. We’ve made a list of gear we found the most useful and most of these aren’t too expensive either.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Gear That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

1) Running tee
Most runners will have lots of running t-shirts since virtually every race out there gives these out for free. If you want to give someone a good quality t-shirt for running, you can definitely check out C.Vox’s gear. The company makes t-shirts with in-built sweatproof headphones and these come with a really neat pocket for your smartphone.

We’ve reviewed the company’s ArtOfRunning t-shirt and can vouch for its quality. The company is selling a more affordable variant called Run Strong, which makes it a great Diwali gift.

Buy C.Vox Run Strong: Rs. 1,599

cvox run strong tenstar foam roller Running

2) Foam roller
Every runner needs a foam roller because stretching along doesn’t always help ease tight muscles. Unless you have your own sports massage therapist or a physiotherapist that you visit regularly, you should be using a foam roller during the cool-down routines after runs. We’ve been using Tenstar’s foam roller and while it’s not the best one out there, it gets the job done at a value price, making it an idea gift idea this Diwali.

Buy Tenstar foam roller: Rs. 1,050

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3) Ice pack
Another underrated thing runners should use is an ice pack. If you’re recovering from an injury, this is a must-have as it helps reduce inflammation. We bought an ice pack after a physiotherapist recommended it to us and it has ensured that we’re able to recover from tough runs without being sore for a week.

Buy Tynor ice pack: Rs. 427

4) Shoe deodoriser
Smelly socks are easy to deal with but smelly shoes are not. Washing shoes is not like washing clothes — you can’t just dunk those in water to clean them. If you don’t have the time to clean them properly so that they stop smelling, you can try using a shoe deodoriser. We haven’t used this one yet but lots of people recommend it. These work for a year and you just need to keep them out under the sun to ensure that they work.

Buy Remodeez Footwear Deodoriser: Rs. 1,720

5) Hydration backpack
Hydration backpacks essentially let you carry water or energy drinks while running. We’ve been using Kalenji’s Hydration Bag for over a year now and it works quite well. It ships with a bladder for you to fill water in and it has a convenient tube for you to sip while running. The bladder carries up to 1 litre of water and that can be a big help when you’re going for long runs.

Buy Kalenji Running Hydration Bag: Rs. 3,499

Which is your favourite running gear that you’d like to gift someone this Diwali? Let us know via the comments

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