Five Intriguing Science Fiction Books Releasing in March 2017


Both January and February were decent months for new science fiction book releases. However, March promises to be the best one yet with releases from big names such as Kim Stanley Robinson, Neal Asher, and John Scalzi. We also have important books from relatively new authors such as Ada Palmer, whose Too Like the Lightning was an unexpected hit. Without further ado, here are the most exciting science fiction books releasing in March 2017.

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Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer
Ada Palmer’s Too Like the Lightning was such a success that the publisher delayed the release of the sequel. Seven Surrenders is that sequel and it’s releasing next week. It is the story of a convict sentenced to wander the globe serving its various factions. The world is in a precarious situation but its careful balance is going to be shattered soon.

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Release date: March 7

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New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson
Our list of science fiction books has some big name authors, but none is bigger than Kim Stanley Robinson. His Mars trilogy is well known for being one of the most realistic works about how colonisation of another planet might actually work. New York 2140 is an important book in an age when many deny climate change, as it envisions a future New York that has turned into a city like Venice. The life of interesting characters in this New York promises to be a fascinating tale.

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Release date: March 21

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Infinity Engine by Neal Asher
This book is the conclusion to the Transformation trilogy by Neal Asher. In this book a rogue AI called Penny Royal makes a last stand as complex dealings are in play on the edges of space. As AIs battle each other on the edge of a black hole that may contain a secret that could shatter the state of the universe, an ancient alien appears on scene to further complicate matters.

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Release date: March 21

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The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi
John Scalzi is best known for his military science fiction book Old Man’s War. The new book – The Collapsing Empire – is set in a different Universe, where humans have discovered a new mode of interstellar travel called ‘the Flow’. Like a river that changes course, the Flow could disappear any moment and this book is about the people who try to ensure that humanity isn’t cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

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Release date: March 21

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Luna: Wolf Moon by Ian McDonald
Luna: Wolf Moon is the sequel to Luna: New Moon. In the book, the moon is ruled by five family corporations and one of them falls after its head dies. The children of the family, who’ve survived somehow, try to forge alliances in their bid to avoid being wiped out. As outright war looms, one heir attempts an audacious, near-impossible journey to Earth in order to find allies and resurrect the family corporation.

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Release date: March 28

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Which are the SF books you’re looking forward to in March 2017? Let us know via the comments.

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