Four Exciting Science Fiction Books Releasing in May 2017


In terms of volume, May isn’t looking like a great month for science fiction, but it more than makes up for it in terms of quality. This month we have four big book releases from authors whose previous books have been very successful. One of these is the 20th book in a long-running space opera series, and another is a book by John Scalzi – who is well-known in science fiction circles for action-packed SF novels. We also have a posthumous book release from none other than Michael Crichton.

Here are four exciting book releases from the world of science fiction for May 2017. You should also check out our previous list for some more suggestions, if you haven’t already done so.

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The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
The Liaden series is probably one of the longest-running space opera sagas of all time. With 20 novels published in as many years, the Liaden saga clearly is massive. The Gathering Edge is the latest book in the series and if you want more you’ll be pleased to know that the authors are contracted to write a few more books.

The Liaden series is set in the far future and features three races – Terran, Liaden, and Yxtrang. Most books in the series are fast-paced reads that highlight the conflict between various races, and how humans could evolve in the future. The Gathering Edge’s plotline centres around battleships leaking through from another universe and one character’s quest to trace her ancestry.

Expected publication date: May 2
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The Dispatcher by John Scalzi
John Scalzi is known for his Old Man’s War series of military science fiction novels. His latest book, which releases at the end of the month, is a venture in speculative fiction. In The Dispatcher, murder is impossible. Almost everyone who is murdered returns to life. This changes life as we know entirely, and we’re excited to read Scalzi’s vision of this world.

Expected publication date: May 31
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Radiate by C. A. Higgins
C. A. Higgins’ Lightless trilogy will come to a close with the publication of Radiate. CA Higgins has a degree in physics and that explains her interest in writing hard science fiction. Her first two books – Lightless and Supernova – received a lot of praise and Radiate completes the trilogy. Radiate is a hard science-fiction novel with a protagonist that is a sentient artificial intelligence called Ananke, who was once a military spacecraft.

Lightless and Supernova are about Ananke’s journey from being a military spacecraft to an AI. Her emotional bond with Althea – one of her creators – is what the story revolves around. In Radiate, Ananke’s burning desire to know her creators leads her on a collision course with frightening consequences.

Expected publication date: May 23
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Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton
The late Michael Crichton passed away in 2008, leaving behind a lengthy body of work, much of which has been committed to film as well. Now, seven years after his death, we are getting a new novel, as family found a manuscript that is now being published as Dragon Teeth.

This novel promises a return to the world of dinosaurs from the author of the Jurassic Park series of books. In Dragon Teeth, a rivalry between two paleontologists leads the protagonist William Johnson to an epic discovery and mortal peril.

Expected publication date: May 23
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