JioCinema vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Disney+ Hotstar: Cheapest OTT Subscription Plans Compared


JioCinema has dropped new prices for its Premium subscription in India. With new plans now starting at Rs. 29 per month, JioCinema is looking to disrupt the OTT category, as it did in the telecom space. However, we also have other popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar that offer affordable plans with some good benefits and perks. Can JioCinema, with its new pricing strategy, take on the rivals? To answer this question, we have pitted the cheapest subscription plans of all the popular OTT players, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar, to see which offers the best for its customers. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

JioCinema Subscription Plan

JioCinema recently introduced two Premium subscription plans. The Premium plan costs Rs. 29 per month, while the Family plan is priced at Rs. 89 per month. However, the OTT player is offering these plans at an attractive special introductory price. After this, one can expect JioCinema to charge Rs. 59 and Rs. 149 per month for the Individual and Family plans, respectively. 

Regarding the benefits, the Premium plan offers an ad-free experience throughout the app, except for sports and live broadcasts. The plan also offers all premium content that is available on the platform. Moreover, one can stream up to 4K resolution. However, one can enjoy the benefits only on one screen at a time. Lastly, the plan lets you download and watch your favourite shows anytime and anywhere. The Family plan offers all the benefits of the Premium plan. However, you get the extra benefit of streaming the platform’s content on up to four devices. 

Netflix Subscription Plan

Netflix also offers a plethora of subscription plans for its users. However, the cheapest one is the mobile plan, which comes with a price tag of Rs. 149. Under this plan, customers can watch ad-free content on the application in 480p quality.

3 Netflix

Users can stream the content on one screen at a time. However, there is a restriction as well. One can only watch the content on a smartphone or tablet, while for computer and TV support, you need to opt for a higher-priced plan. The OTT platform offers a Basic plan for Rs. 199 per month, Standard for Rs. 499 per month, and Premium for Rs. 649 per month. 

Amazon Prime Subscription Plan

Amazon also has its Prime Lite subscription plan, which offers some great benefits to customers at a price tag of Rs. 799 per year. The subscription plan allows customers to watch all the content on the platform in HD resolution. However, Prime Lite subscription does not offer an ad-free experience like Netflix or JioCinema. Moreover, you can only stream on a mobile device.

2 Amazon Prime

That said, the Prime Lite membership also brings some Amazon Prime benefits like free one-day delivery, two-day delivery, scheduled delivery, same-day delivery, early access to exclusive deals and sales, and more. Apart from this, those who want to have the full advantage of Amazon Prime can go for the standard subscription plans that are priced at Rs. 299 (monthly), Rs. 599 (quarterly), and Rs. 1,499 (yearly). 

Disney+ Hotstar Subscription Plan

Disney+ Hotstar only offers one mobile plan for its customers. The plan is priced at Rs. 149 for three months or Rs. 499 per year. With this, customers can watch all the content, including movies, live sports, TV, and original content, on their smartphone or tablet.

4 Disney  Hotstar

Moreover, users can watch the content in HD resolution. The plan allows subscribers to watch the shows and movies on a single device at a time. Apart from this, the subscription plan does not offer any ad-free experience. 

Furthermore, Disney+ Hotstar offers a Super plan for TV and laptop screens at Rs. 899 per year or Rs. 299 for three months. Lastly, we have the flagship offering with a Premium plan priced at Rs. 299 per month, Rs. 499 for three months, or Rs. 1,499 per year. 

JioCinema Premium vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Disney+ Hotstar: Which OTT Platform Offers Cheapest Subscription Plan

The answer is pretty much clear here! The Rs. 29 per month JioCinema Premium plan is currently the cheapest plan available compared to its rivals. The closest to JioCinema would be the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan, which comes out roughly at Rs. 49 per month. However, the subscription plan is only limited to mobile devices, and you have to bear ads while watching shows and movies. 

Amazon Prime Lite membership will be available roughly at Rs. 67 per month. However, it is also limited to mobile devices and offers ads. That said, you still get some Amazon Prime benefits on the e-commerce platform. Considering this, it is a decent price to get all these benefits. 

Netflix is the most expensive offering. The Rs. 149 Mobile plan does offer an ad-free experience, though it is limited to 480p quality and is restricted to mobile devices. 

JioCinema has taken the disruptive route with its pricing. The Rs. 29 per month plan offers some of the best perks you can get in this budget, whether it be 4K streaming quality or access to all original content on the platform, that too on all devices (including laptop and TV). The JioCinema Premium plan sure brings some amazing benefits and perks, all at an affordable price.

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