MrBeast videos on X? YouTube star says ‘NO’ to Elon Musk, even a billion views won’t suffice


Will you see MrBeast videos on X? The money does not make sense, says YouTube star. In a massive rejection of Elon Musk-owned X platform, renowned YouTube sensation MrBeast, with a staggering 225 million subscribers, has declined the invitation to share his widely popular content on the tech mogul’s social media platform. The rejection stemmed from MrBeast’s belief that X, despite Musk’s ambitions to make it an all-encompassing app, would fail to match the revenue-generating capabilities of the Google-owned YouTube.

Last weekend, the 25-year-old MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, uploaded his latest video for his massive YouTube following. Despite the buzz, one X user, DogeDesigner, urged him to consider posting on the platform as well. Musk himself chimed in, expressing his desire to transform X into the “everything app.”

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MrBeast’s Financial Calculus

However, Donaldson was quick to dismiss the proposition, emphasising that the financial returns on X would fall significantly short of what he currently earns on YouTube. With videos that cost millions to produce, Donaldson explained that even if they garnered a billion views on X, it wouldn’t come close to funding a fraction of the production costs.

YouTube vs. X

X launched its ads revenue-sharing program last year, and Musk claimed the initial payments to creators amounted to $5 million. Despite some users reporting substantial payouts, the platform’s financial appeal remains a subject of debate. In August, KSI, a prominent YouTuber, revealed earning a mere $1,590 in a month on X, according to Mashable.

In contrast, YouTube creators eligible for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) stand to earn between $3,400 and $30,000 per 1 million video views, according to Yahoo Finance. MrBeast’s decision to stick with YouTube seems well-founded, given his substantial following and the lucrative opportunities provided by the established platform.

With 225 million subscribers on YouTube and 25 million followers on X, MrBeast’s financial success on the former clearly outweighs any benefits X may have to offer. In a 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, he highlighted the million-dollar cost of his videos, expressing his commitment to pushing boundaries and creating content on a grand scale. Despite Musk’s vision for X, it seems MrBeast remains steadfast in his allegiance to the platform that has propelled him to internet stardom.

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