Reliance Jio and BharatGPT: 10 things to know about this AI-linked project


Reliance Jio is collaborating with IIT-Bombay on a new generative AI model called BharatGPT. There, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is currently carrying out research on the Large Language Model (LLM), artificial intelligence, and GPT solutions to develop India’s own BharatGPT tool for all sectors. Know all about Reliance Jio’s upcoming plans and what is this artificial intelligence project dubbed BharatGPT.

10 things to know about BharatGPT

  1. BharatGPT is a programme in which Reliance Jio and IIT-Bombay will explore the possible solutions that could be derived from the Large Language Model (LLM) and artificial intelligence for various industries.
  2. While working on the artificial intelligence project, BharatGPT, the goal of the programme is to develop solutions for business sectors, but mainly telecom and retail. Notably, Reliance dominates both these market segments.
  3. Professor Ganesh Ramakrishnan from IIT’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering revealed that to carry out the BharatGPT programme effectively, they have created a consortium that consists of top academic institutions – the Bharat GPT consortium
  4. The Bharat GPT consortium’s vision is to use generative AI, integrate Bharatiya culture into it and foster economic growth and state-of-the-art innovation.  We are now on WhatsApp. Click to join.
  5. While developing Generative AI capabilities, the consortium will focus on developing an Indian AI ecosystem by introducing “cutting edge technologies with Bharat’s rich heritage.”
  6. The Bharat GPT programme will work on introducing a multi-lingual and multi-modal foundational model with application for Indian focused solutions.
  7. In effect, BharatGPT will be developed in a way that will adhere to complexities in language and context specific to India.
  8. BharatGPT will also focus on bringing solutions to all sectors of Reliance Jio including media, commerce, communication, and devices.
  9. Jio is currently working on developing its own operating system for TVs. It has been revealed that the company is looking at its launch.
  10. BharatGPT programme will explore the more advanced side of technological innovations and it will benefit the Indian economy.

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