Six Science Fiction Books by Renowned Authors Releasing in October 2017


With each passing month, 2017 turns into an even better year for science fiction book releases. We definitely hadn’t anticipated just how many great books would be released this year, and the fact that we’re seeing books from renowned authors such as Robert Silverberg is fantastic for readers. September 2017 saw some excellent book launches and October 2017 is no different. Here are the science fiction books we’re most excited to read in October 2017.

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The Complete Psychotechnic League, Volume 1 by Poul Anderson
Poul Anderson is a master of the hard science fiction genre, with works such as Tau Zero under his belt. In Tau Zero, Anderson takes readers on a journey that goes beyond the birth and death of the universe.

The Psychotechnic League Volume 1 is not anywhere near that big in terms of the scope of its plot. It is the first of three volumes of short stories centred around World War III. This brand of stories falls under the “future history” genre and this three-volume series collects all the stories set in this universe.

Expected release date: October 3
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Children of the Fleet by Orson Scott Card
Orson Scott Card is known for the Ender’s Game series, the first book of which was also the subject of a movie. There have been several spinoff books such as Ender’s Shadow and the Formic Wars trilogy, and Children of the Fleet is another one of those.

Children of the Fleet is the story of the people who settled Formic worlds, in other words the planets that humans conquered after destroying the insectoid alien civilisation. The Battle School that was at the centre of the human offensive is now gone, and Fleet School has replaced it. This book focuses on the journey of one very smart kid called Dabeet Ochoa who is recruited for Fleet School.

Expected release date: October 10
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Austral by Paul McAuley
Paul McAuley is an author known for biotech science fiction works such as Fairyland. That book was published under SF Masterworks as well and it deals with themes such as using genetic engineering to raise intelligence. McAuley’s next book is set to be published in October.

Austral is the name of that book, and global warming is a big part of its plot. As sea levels rise, a new nation arises on the Antarctic Peninsula, and a child called Austral who’s an “ecopoet” has committed a serious offence — kidnapping. In the treacherous new land created by global warming, Austral must figure out a way to escape Antarctica and her family’s past.

Expected release date: October 19
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Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr by John Crowley
John Crowley is another famous author whose works often fall under both science fiction and fantasy. Books such as Engine Summer are known for Crowley’s great writing and a beautiful post-apocalyptic tale.

The rather oddly named Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr is a book about a two-thousand-year-old being called a Crow. Dar Oakley is that being, and he finally gets the chance to tell his tale when a human learns his language. Oakley’s tale reveals how he stole immortality meant for humans, and found secrets that could change the way humans live.

Expected release date: October 24
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A Lot Like Christmas by Connie Willis
Unbelievably, this list has a book by yet another renowned SF author. Connie Willis is known for her time travel SF books, such as To Say Nothing of the Dog. These books are unofficially known as the Time Travel series and involve a group of time travelling historians who land up in all sorts of interesting situations.

A Lot Like Christmas is a collection of short stories by Willis, and these are more fantasy and speculative fiction than science fiction. This set of holiday stories for Christmas could be a great gift to young and old readers alike.

Expected release date: October 24
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First-Person Singularities by Robert Silverberg
Robert Silverberg is a master of science fiction writing and as such, needs no introduction. If you’ve never heard of him, you should check out books such as Dying Inside, and Up the Line, to see what the master is capable of.

First Person Singularities is a collection of short stories Silverberg has written over his 40-year career. If you’re up for some weird SF written by a master, this will definitely appeal to you. The book features stories narrated by a dolphin, a Greek god, and even an alien living in disguise in New York.

Expected release date: October 31
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Which upcoming science fiction book are you most excited about? Let us know via the comments.

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