Snapchat to add watermark to AI-generated images for enhanced transparency- All details


In a recent announcement, social media giant Snapchat revealed its plans to incorporate watermarks onto AI-generated images within its platform. This move aims to enhance transparency and safeguard against misuse of AI-generated content.

Implementation of Watermarks

Snapchat disclosed that the watermark will feature a translucent rendition of the Snap logo accompanied by a sparkle emoji. It will be automatically applied to any AI-generated image exported from the app or saved to the camera roll. Additionally, the company emphasised that removing these watermarks from images will be considered a violation of its terms of use.

Industry Trends

Snapchat joins other tech industry leaders such as Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Google in taking measures to label or identify AI-generated content. These efforts underscore a broader industry-wide commitment to transparency and accountability in the realm of AI-powered technologies.

User Experience and Safety

Snapchat currently offers AI-powered features, including its selfie-focused “Dreams” feature, which enables users to enhance their photos with AI-generated effects. The company has implemented visual markers, such as a sparkle emoji, to denote AI-powered features like Lenses. Furthermore,Snapchat has introduced context cards to AI-generated images created with tools like Dream, aiming to provide users with additional information and context.

Commitment to AI Safety

Snapchat’s initiatives to improve AI safety and moderation follow previous incidents, including controversies surrounding its “My AI” chatbot. In response to concerns raised regarding inappropriate content, particularly related to interactions involving sensitive topics, Snapchat introduced controls within the Family Center to enable parents and guardians to monitor and regulate their children’s interactions with AI.

Snapchat’s decision to introduce watermarks to AI-generated images reflects its commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability within its platform. By implementing these measures, Snapchat aims to foster a safer and more informed user experience, while also aligning with industry-wide efforts to address the challenges associated with AI technologies.

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