WhatsApp Web dark mode coming! Meta working on update, superior aesthetic experience likely


WhatsApp, a leading Android messaging app, underwent significant upgrades, introducing a revamped dark mode for its Android app in December. However, WhatsApp Web did not receive a similar makeover at that time. Recent developments suggest this might change soon, with WhatsApp actively testing a new and improved dark theme for its web client. Check what the WhatsApp Web dark mode update will offer to its users.

The latest addition to the ongoing WhatsApp Web enhancements by parent Meta Platforms is the testing of status update sharing through the web client, revealing Meta developers’ commitment to refining the user experience. WhatsApp’s new dark theme for the web client, reported by WABetaInfo, aims to align its aesthetics more closely with the Android app, catering to the preferences of dark theme enthusiasts.

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The refined color scheme follows the footsteps of the Android app’s dark mode update, emphasizing the importance of a consistent look across all platforms. While the new web client dark theme is still in development and not widely available, the subtle change in the gray background from color hex code #111b20 to #12181c promises a visually appealing shift, providing a more comfortable experience during prolonged usage.

Enhanced User Interface with Improved Sidebar

Accompanying the visual redesign is an improved sidebar, further enhancing the user interface. Meta developers are working on this revamped sidebar to complement the upcoming WhatsApp dark mode on the web client. As the popularity of WhatsApp Web grows, new features are now being introduced on both the Android app and the web client, offering versatility to users across various systems.

December brought several exciting updates to WhatsApp, including pinned messages and the ability to search for users by username. Despite being the world’s largest messaging platform, WhatsApp continues to innovate, continuously testing and introducing new features to enhance the user experience. Much of it has to also do with the fierce competition that nimble rivals like Telegram and Signal pose. And they threaten to lure WhatsApp users with their fine features.

The forthcoming WhatsApp Web dark theme reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to innovation and ensuring a seamless experience for its diverse user base. Keep an eye out for the upcoming WhatsApp update, as the refined dark mode for the web client is expected to be rolled out in the near future.

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