WhatsApp update: New ‘private mention’ feature for status updates coming soon- Details


In a bid to enhance user experience, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that allows users to privately mention contacts in their status updates. This upcoming feature aims to facilitate more personalised interactions within the platform.

The Feature in Development

According to a report from WABetaInfo, the new feature will enable users to tag specific contacts directly in their status updates. Once mentioned, the tagged contacts will receive dedicated notifications, ensuring prompt awareness of the update. Importantly, this feature maintains user privacy, as mentions are only visible to the mentioned contacts, not to other viewers of the status update. Additionally, muting a status update will prevent users from receiving notifications for mentions from the muted contact.

Significance of the Feature

The ability to privately mention contacts in status updates is expected to significantly enhance user engagement on the platform. By enabling users to directly involve and engage specific contacts in their shared moments or updates, this feature promotes more meaningful interactions. Notably, it ensures that important updates catch the attention of the mentioned contacts promptly, as they receive notifications directly.

WhatsApp’s Recent Actions

WhatsApp’s move to introduce new features comes amidst its efforts to address platform abuse and comply with regulatory guidelines. In February, the messaging app disclosed its actions against account misuse in India. It reported suspending a total of 7,628,000 WhatsApp accounts between February 1st and 29th. Of these, 1,424,000 accounts were proactively banned, indicating preemptive measures taken to tackle misuse prior to user reports. These actions align with the IT Rules 2021, demonstrating WhatsApp’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure platform environment.

The upcoming feature allowing private mentions in status updates reflects WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance user interaction and engagement. By providing users with more tools for personalized communication, the platform aims to enrich the overall user experience. Additionally, WhatsApp’s proactive measures against account misuse underscore its commitment to fostering a safe and responsible digital environment for its users.

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